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The Preceram Group is a family-owned group made up of several Portuguese companies with extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the construction sector and the manufacture of construction materials. With manufacturing units spread across the center of the country (Preceram, Gyptec, Argex, Volcalis, Preceram Norte), the group produces a wide range of products for construction and rehabilitation, and also has a complete and versatile distribution fleet that covers the entire of the national territory.


Sustainability is present in all processes and in the life cycle of building materials manufactured by Preceram Group companies. From raw material procurement to post-work recycling. Reconciling progress and economic growth with adequate preservation and protection of the environment is a declared objective of the Group. All products are developed to be solutions that bring added value to architecture and people, that contribute to health and well-being and enable the reduction of energy consumption, whether for heating or cooling.


The construction solutions of the Preceram Group promote clean, fast, economical construction, which allows for more flexibility in spaces, improves the thermal and acoustic performance of buildings and improves indoor air quality, contributing to greater comfort at home on the part of of its inhabitants.

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