LB 02 NICHOLAS BURNS chapel and meditation room

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    Nicholas Burns chapel and meditation room, is the second book from AMAG LONG COLLECTION. A very special project, revealed page after page, in a very sensitive way.


    “One of the initial intents was that it wasn’t a religious building, as such. It started as a spiritual refuge; yet now it has a religious component to it.”

    The project stands on a hill inside a thirty-hectare private estate, overlooking a denser urbanization down in the valley and the many green hills around it, air was crisps and frequently  humid and mysterious mornings, fast-moving fog that enveloped rocks and trees. The resulting undulating light patterns swayed gently in the soft grass, and walking the rough-cut granite path up to the chapel awakened all your senses: “sense of time”, “sense of seasons” and “sense of place” as “the elemental things that are important for people to feel naturally deeper within themselves, rather than an aesthetic that is more the rational response to experience.”

    Nicholas Burns, author of the project, is an Australian-born, Bali-based architect.