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Lightness, functionality and design: features that we combine to create our partitions.

Founded in 1990, Divilux is dedicated to the manufacture, development and installation of glass partitions and integrated cabinet systems.The search for innovative solutions that have resulted in the emergence of new products has always been part of the company’s internal dynamics.

We offer a variety of high-performance partition solutions that define workspaces that add personality to your office: metrica®, unica®, cubica®, ritmica® and the latest ritmica wood®.

In the last 25 years, divilux® has followed a serious, progressive and sustained financial and operational path, asserting itself as one of the main national players in the sector it represents.Behind our products is a solid industrial concern, with a production unit of about 4500 m2, of which 800 m2 are offices and showrooms, and where we value modern technology, highly qualified labor and the concept of teamwork.

Still in the production process, our products are cut in height and width, according to the measurements provided on site, allowing for a clean, quick and effective installation.

DIVILUX are a multidisciplinary team prepared to help you with the best solutions for your project, since design to the development of customized solutions.

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